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APARTAMENTOS TEMPORALES is the trade that brings together various commercial companies related to property leasing sectors and tourism.

Today AT is a clear market leader in the temporary or tourist leases , both for the quality of the services we offer to our customers, as their important internet presence.

Our product is quite heterogeneous , since we are able to offer our customers, from a small studio for two occupants in a humble , home to a large area suitable for a comfortable stay eight visitors, luxury accommodation.

Another clear example of the diversity of properties we manage , is that we can offer our customers , urban housing or on the beach , which keeps us in a flurry of activity at any time of year.

We could distinguish two distinct types of approaches : properties managed by our group of companies , and accommodation , in which we intervene as " booking center ".

In the first case we make a subdivision between the homes of our property , the accommodation of other owners that manage a comprehensive, ongoing since the booking, cleaning, checking in , checking out , the lease receivable in order all the duties necessary for the owner to enjoy the good of being, which is nothing to monetize their properties.